A beaded kongoh braid (round braid) may develop a hollow space if: • The braid is made up of mostly 6º or larger seed beads. Historically, beads often came from Italy, the Czech Republic or Poland, and contemporary beads can also come from India, China and Japan. Metal studs also have trade references and originally may have come from the Spanish, but also have modern references to punk and DIY culture. Water beads, also known as “orbs,” come in tiny hard balls and can grow more than 100x their size! Water is all that is necessary to start the reactive curing process of the Ultra-CAT resin. She used blue gel icing for the water and for the land she sprinkled crushed cookie crumbs. Some located the land of the dead to the west, with the setting sun, while others put it in the east, with the Great Hare. While all enemies were eligible for capture, only the lives of women, children, and weroances were spared; the male prisoners were killed. Wearing male garb, including green branches or leaves, otter skins, and antlers, about thirty young women danced for about an hour around a large fire.

Afterward, the women changed into their ordinary dress and invited Smith into a common house, where they made sexual advances. The elaborate costumes of these various periods – specifically, the crocheted and beaded accutrements and adornment women wore or carried – have captivated me. And if the concept did have a Christian origin, then it probably reflected, in some broad way, ideas that already existed among the Indians. Although Virginia Indians did not seek converts to their religion, and though they were willing to incorporate the Christian God into their pantheon, the English insisted on attempting to convert the Indians wholly to their own way of thinking. Many Indian people resisted the conquerors’ religion, which seems to have created a period of religious limbo in the eighteenth century, when the old practices were no longer meaningful but the English ones were distasteful. John Smith describes in detail two other Powhatan religious rituals. Some accounts describe two afterworlds, one for the virtuous and one for the wicked, and some anthropologists have suggested this was borrowed from Christian teaching. According to some English accounts, only shamans and chiefs expected an afterlife, while other accounts suggest that everyone did.

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The artist harnesses the power of these materials to activate overlooked narratives, while embracing the presence of historically marginalised identities. American artist Ed Ruscha designed this limited edition scarf for Gagosian. His paintings synthesise geometric patterns inspired by North American Indigenous aesthetic histories with the lyrics and psychedelic palette of disco music. In these works, Gibson combines Indigenous artisanal handcraft – such as beadwork, leatherwork and quilting – with narratives of contemporary resistance in protest slogans and song lyrics. Pop music is also one of the primary points of reference in Gibson’s practice: musicians are his elders and lyrics are his mantras. Gibson’s work fuses his Choctaw-Cherokee heritage with references that span club culture, queer theory, fashion, politics, literature and art history. We work with local suppliers and artisans to craft products that align with our vision to increase pleasure and decrease pain. All products are certified by Leaping Bunny & PETA with toxin-free ingredients!

Beaded handbags are versatile and fashionable, they have a different purpose and can be used in many ways. For its 5th anniversary, Neous launched a divine collection of heels and handbags embellished with crystals and luxurious fabrics. Speaking of weddings, Jimmy Choo’s latest bridal collection has just arrived with dazzling flats and sleek heels to match the occasion. Closed shoes with long or kitten heels are also making rounds while beaded bride clutch and stone studded sandals are out this fall. While not described in historical accounts, the Monacan Indians, who lived in the Piedmont east of the falls of the James River, may have built large burial mounds there that could be twenty feet high or more. While his subordinates wore red and black, the leading shaman was painted all in black. Wrap the red lace once. This time in olive, red and black separates. This time in dreamy beige and pastel shades. For the first time we would return to the camp for lunch and remain there until the heat of the day had abated. Dôen’s spring collection welcomes swimsuits for the very first time to accompany these summer floral dresses. Stephen Friedman Gallery presents the first solo survey of Jeffrey Gibson in the UK.