For women with face shapes that are round, it is essential to choose eyeglasses which complement the shape of the face, and enhance the curves and angles. Round faces have softer angles and natural beauty that the world is drawn by. They’re like square faces, however they have different proportions. Roundness does not have anything to do with weight, but everything is a matter of how the faces are proportioned.

Frames with Rectangular shapes

The first step in purchasing eyeglasses with rectangular frames to fit the round face is to obtain an appointment. This will enable you to choose the best frames that will compliment the color of your eyes. It is possible to pick frames that are light or dark based on the tone of your skin. Darker eye colors are best served by frames in earth tones. Blue and green frames enhance the appeal of brown eyes.

Square frames

For those with a round face, square frames might not look right on your face. Although square frames don’t offer much contrast to the shape of your face but they do make your look longer. You can also opt for oval or round-shaped frames to create a retro-style.

Wayfarer frames

If you’re sporting a round face frames with wayfarers can be used to lengthen the face and highlight features. A pair of wayfarers that have a curved shape can complement a feminine round face.

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Aviators are an iconic accessory that is ideal for females with round faces. The angular shape of the frame is a great way to bring the face into balance and make it appear slimmer. It also creates a more oval shape.

Frames that are transparent

Round faces are often defined by its rounded features, so it’s important to choose frames that highlight the shape the face. The best frames for round face females are rounded and have straight lines that enhance your face and create a sense of balance. It is also possible to try larger frames, which will highlight soft features. You can choose frames in neutral shades, such as blue.

Frames with light-colored lenses

The best frames to wear with frames with a round shape are those that are light-colored. But, this doesn’t mean you must avoid dark-colored frames. Women with darker skin tone can also opt for lighter-colored frames.

Frames with thick frames

If you’re a round-faced person, the right frame can make all the difference. You are able to make use of your imagination in choosing the right frames and colors for the shape of your face However, you must focus on the frame thickness. Thin frames will make your face look smaller, while larger frames make your face appear larger.

Lenses of light-colored colors

A round face is characterized by a softly round forehead with soft cheeks. The forehead and jawline are also rounded. These features give an oval face an attractive appearance. The glasses that are appropriate for this shape of face should balance the soft contours that define the facial features, not emphasize them. There are a myriad of styles of round face glasses available.