If you’re looking for inspiration in the form of beading projects and techniques that you can use to create all kinds of beaded gold clutch jewelry, make sure you subscribe to Beadwork magazine. Elastic Closure: this beaded keychain bracelet is lightweight, bracelet is composed of 15 silicone beads and 1 PU leather tassel with a metal swivel clasp hook(easy to open and close). However, having used the bag for a couple of months now, I can confidently say that the leather is a lot more durable than I was led to believe. If you are someone who needs to carry around a lot of stuff, the Mini Lady Dior obviously wouldn’t be enough. The Dior sales associate told me that the Lady Dior hardware is galvanized to prevent scratching but I’m not sure if the process is actually helpful. As I personally like to do a lot of research before investing in a luxury bag and since my YSL Niki review received lots of views, I decided to write a detailed review of my Mini Lady Dior to help you in your shopping process. However, just when I thought my wallet was going to get a break, I spotted the Dior Lady Dior in stores.

This photoshoot was so much fun! We recreated their wedding day by having the same dress, hair, and veil. These photos were taken in the Como Zoo conservatory in St. Paul, Mn. The lighting was prime.

It sits comfortably when I’m wearing thicker clothing but it does dig in a bit when I’m wearing a thinner layer given that the bag can get a bit heavy (for its size). However, I think that due to the size of the Mini Lady Dior, it looks a bit too dainty when carried that way. Whether Mom is a step parent, an aunt, a grandmother or simply a constant female role model in your life, this bracelet is a touching way to show just how much you appreciate their love for you. This is a pretty tight fit and I usually wouldn’t carry around the compact but for demonstration purposes, I’ve included it to show you how much you can comfortably fit into the bag without distorting the shape of adding too much weight. Therefore, the mini size keeps the weight in check. As a relatively petite 5’1 (155 cm) female, the Mini Lady Dior felt like the most appropriate size.

Three color options are available for the Lady Dior hardware: gold, silver, or light gold (or champagne gold). While I was shopping, both options were available in the black color and light gold hardware that I wanted so I really had to debate between the two. After using the bag (while babying it with extreme caution), I noticed countless micro-scratches all over the surface of the charms (please see photo evidence in the updates at the end of the post). Both models of the style I wanted in stores already had some faint scuffs on the flap surface so this is definitely something to take note of when inspecting the bag before purchase. Aside from a very faint scuff on the inner surface of the handle that was already present on the bag at the time of purchase, there are no other scuffs or scratches on the bag that I can see. I’ll shield it against my body while I’m walking in crowded areas or narrow spaces as that’s when most scratches occur. While the patent calfskin looks super glossy and sleek, it picks up fingerprints and smudges like no tomorrow, rendering it very high maintenance as it requires regular wiping and polishing to ensure a presentable condition.

However, the permanent collection consists of lambskin or patented calfskin in several colors. Over the years, countless iterations of the Lady Dior have been released that are made with calfskin (printed, embroidered, beaded, studded, crinkled), satin, or denim. Additionally, because the Lady Dior is quite structured, it’s not the lightest bag on the market. Additionally, I’ve invested in two leather care products from Collonil (see photo above) to further protect the lambskin. The photography is often best done in winter or spring, to best see the architecture. As you can see in the photo below, the Mini Lady Dior can accommodate an iPhone XS with an Otterbox Symmetry Case (lengthwise), along with a card case, tissues, blotting paper, compact, mini comb, hand cream, and lip balm. Monica took Nikki’s hand. The men went up town and took the camera along, they got a pack of film and left the others to be finished. Therefore, I went with the lambskin option, which has a super supple and luxurious finish. Because lambskin has a reputation for being super delicate and prone to wear and tear, I was extremely worried about scuffs and marks.

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