Heart-shaped faces feature a unique form that follows the contours that of an inverted triangular. The largest part of the face can be found at the forehead. The thinnest portion is situated at the cheeks. Heart-shaped faces can benefit from stylish glasses that have patterns that bring attention to the cheekbones as well as the eyes. Likewise, angular features like a pointed jawline may be balanced by frames that have straight lines.

Cat-eye frames

Cat-eye frames are a popular option for people with heart-shaped faces. These glasses emphasize the eyes and contrast with the narrow chin. They also work well on people with heart-shaped faces. These frames come in a wide variety of colours. One of the most sought-after frames is the Astor cat-eye, which is a semi-rimless frame with a curved brow line. This frame can also create the illusion of space underneath the eyes.

Cat-eye frames are inspired by Aviators and are a classic design. They are a great complement to a strong jawline and add dimension to the narrower upper part of your face. They also add playful details like a ruffled the ear.

Aviator styled frames

Heart-shaped women can sport the retro look by wearing aviator styled glasses frames. These classic glasses have broad tops and slim bottoms. They’re perfect for enhancing the soft features of a heart-shaped face. The most effective way to compliment this design is to select a pair of glasses with round or oval shapes.

A heart-shaped face has an elongated brow and a an elongated chin. An aviator styled frame will help balance this face shape by drawing attention to the cheekbones and the eyes. An aviator styled frame must also be thin and softly tinted to highlight your face’s top. This will create a balanced look.

Frames with Rectangular shapes

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a broad forehead and a chin that is narrow. To balance the width of the face and highlight the prominent cheekbones, choose an eye-catching frame that is closer to the temples. Two-tone frames also provide visual curiosity.

For heart shaped faces, rectangle frames are ideal. They aren’t too thick and they don’t complicate the appearance. Avoid frames made of plastic that are thick and aviator-style frames, as these styles will be too heavy over the top. Avoid large, round shapes, which are incompatible with the wider forehead.

Two-toned frames

There are several options when it comes to choosing two-toned glasses for faces with heart-shaped faces. Two-toned frames feature different colors which contrast one another. You can decide to contrast the colors boldly or fade them into one another. If you are unsure, you can try on a pair online as well as in person determine what style you like best.

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow chin. The ideal frames for this form will help be able to balance the features of the face. The best way to achieve this balance is by selecting frames that are wider that the facial features. The best frames should add an aesthetic interest, and make sure that the length is balanced.

Oval frames

If you have a heart shaped face, then you should consider oval eyeglass frames. These frames are great for this face shape because they soften the angular features. Try oval frames that are low-set to help balance the narrowness of your chin. A thicker bottom rim is also an option to balance a long chin.

The heart-shaped face usually wide at the forehead, with the chin being narrow and having high cheekbones. To emphasize the length that the facial features have, opt for frames with slightly wider dimensions. Lightly colored and rimless frames appear particularly appealing on heart shaped faces. Avoid frames with excessive rims, or ones with intricate patterns.

Frames with rounded edges

The glasses with a rounded shape are perfect for people with heart-shaped faces as they complement the facial shape. A face with a heart shape is recognized for its wide forehead, narrow jaw, and the wavy hairline. Rounded frames that have upward flicks of the browline can balance the face shape and create a more feminine style. The glasses with a rounded shape are perfect for those who have heart-shaped faces since the shape is opposite of oval or square.

Heart-shaped faces look attractive and can be adapted to a variety of frames. The rounded frames to soften the features of the heart-shaped face, making it easier to pick the right pair of glasses that will compliment your face’s features. In addition to making your face appear more relaxed due to the angular features, rounded frames balance the look of your face, giving the illusion of width beneath your forehead and cheeks. Round glasses frames are highly versatile, since they provide structure to your face without imposing it.

Oval frames with rounded temples

If the shape of your face is heart, then an oval frame with rounded temples is perfect for you. An oval frame is broad in the middle, and narrows in the forehead. A triangular-shaped face however tends to be narrower in the forehead and jawline, and has high cheekbones. Finally, a diamond face is the most sought-after face shape and may look more squared or more angular. However, they still have a strong brow line and extended temples.

Oval faces are among the most flexible of face shapes when it comes to choosing the right eyewear. Regardless of the shape, make sure you choose an eyewear style that highlights your most attractive attributes. A frame with rounded temples and a wide lower part can soften the appearance of your face, and give balance to its gentle curves. One style to try is the Lite Spirit 2926, which has a very fine rim and is nearly as light as eyewear with rims. This frame is available in both classic black and playful Wild Moss colors.